Solar Boat Of The Amazon Started Sailing

One can see the solar boat sailing slowly and smoothly along the river Aguarico, one can hardly hear the sound of two electric motors attached to it.

This is the boat that has been launched on the tributary of Amazon last month in Ecuador. The boat is handover to Achuar country, and it has been named Tapia Tapia “The electric Fish”. However, it is not like it has given this name. The name has been given to the boat, because of all reasons.

Inside the boat, there are operational things present in addition to the solar panel. The name has been given to this is Kara Solar. “Kara is the word taken from Achuar which means premonition. Now the dream has become a reality,” This comment came from Milton Calliera, a representative of the community of Achuar in Jivaro.

The first passenger of the boat, come from the Central America or Amazon region, confirmed that there was the need of river transport present in the region. Presently, the transport mediums are there, but all of them are dependent on fossil fuel.

Candido Mesua from Panama said, “The isolated community of this region has only way to travel and that is via boat. The boats that are present here presently use fuel to run. And sometime enough fuel didn’t remain there and the problem is borne by the locals as they do not have the means to pay for it.”

Thus, the idea of a solar boat emerged, a mode of public transport in the river that is efficient and self-sufficient in terms of energy.

Developing the boat was not easy and it a lot of changes have to be done on it after taking it for trail transportation. However, it has solved a big transport problem of locals.