Sailing World Cup Miami

Sailing World Cup Miami was concluded shortly and it definitely tested different teams and partnerships. One such instance was seen amongst the US teams. Two teams formed partnerships in a short time span. There were a total of 450 competitors who were part of the different races of the event. The regatta consisted of ten different Olympic classes for the teams to compete in.

Usually teams are formed from before as a partnership needs to be formed and worked out well before participating in any regatta race. However, this regatta saw an exception when two partnerships were formed in a hurried manner among US teams. They were able to prove their compatibility by Saturday when they achieved good positions as they finished the medal races. This particular race was not without hurdles as the afternoon had shifty and light breezes, making it difficult for the sailors and testing their skills in the Biscayne Bay area of Miami.

David Liebenberg and Ian McDiarmid of Biograd were participating in the race after having practiced for only three weeks with a 49er. It is definitely a challenge to steer and maneuver a 49er as such a boat usually demands agile and athletic skills that need to be executed in a harmonized manner.

As a result, even after having had a short time to practice the team was able to finish in the tenth position. The other pair that tied up within a short time span was Louisa Chaffee and Riley Gibbs. They worked together only for 12 days on a boat, but were able to achieve the sixth position when they rode the catamaran which is the fastest boat in the regatta events. Hence, it is not always that one needs to have partnership with another for a long time to fare well in regatta races.