Richards To Be The FSC Ambassador

The skipper of Wild Oats XI Mark Richards has come to terms to be the Ambassador for 2017 International 420 World Championships for Fremantle Sailing Club. The sailor has been closely associated with the 420 Class.

The player contributed towards the victory of Wild Oats in 2015 in the Sydney to Hobart Yacht competition for the 8th time and made the records. He was in an FSC to distribute the prizes and trophies to sailors in the World 420 Class Nation Championship.

Mark Richards is known for his outstanding talent as far as skippering is concerned. Therefore, he is known as a perfectionist and hence truly deserves to be the ambassador for FSC. His Rent a yacht Scotland business is also helpful as industry knowledge.

Before hosting the 420 World Championships, there will be a warm up event of 420 Class Australian Championship starting from 11th till 14th December.

As per the latest news, Fremantle Sailing Club will be hosting the International 420 Class, U17 World Championship and Ladies World in December from 15th to 23rd in Fremantle. FSC will be hosting this event in partnership with Western Australian Association and the Australian 420 Association. The 420 World Championships was hosted by the Perth last time in Fremantle in the year 1995. During that period, Australia achieved victory in Ladies and Men’s Open Championship. The FSC club member and Belinda Stowell, the head coach of WAIS won the Ladies event along with Anna Coxon. The coach had to sail to the 470 class in order to win Gold for his team Australia in the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000.

The president of International 420 Association Nino Shmueli said that Fremantle has a history of popular sailing and events and sailors across the world come together to enjoy and play the racing. The world class racing provides a great opportunity for all the sailors to discover the greatest culture and history of Australia.