Oracles Boat Under Question After A Great Comeback

Yachting competitions around the globe have its own rules set for the boats taking part in the various competitions. As the technology is changing in every field but this sport has been made sure that the technology does not take away the essence of game out. All the boats that take part are not computer controlled fully and that is the reason why people find this game attractive.

Recently in the American’s Cup the Oracle team is now under one of the biggest criticism in this sport. The New Zealand team has come up claiming that the boat used by the Oracle team was much high in technicality which was decided by the cup organization. This is not the only team who came up with such allegations on the successful team but currently there is a fuss around the cup where everyone seems to be talking about the boat used by the team.

The boat used by Oracle is considered to be the one which was controlled fully by computer. The New Zealand team spokesperson Roger Badham came out saying that he believes the boat was a computer controlled hydraulic auto pilot system. He also came out speaking that if the video footage of his team and Oracle’s team will be checked then everyone will understand that the Oracle team’s rider was not having a single problem in handling his boat easily.

This was the cup where the Oracle team made a great comeback that no one has ever seen in this sport. After being 8-1 down in the cup the team made an elegant comeback to win the cup. After the result of this cup, the fuss about the boat increased and there is a belief that the boat used was surely beyond the class rules of the cup.