Nacra 15 New Category At Aon

The Youth Sailing World Championships were recently concluded. It comprised of 13 member team from the US.

They were able to secure three medals at this premier regatta for the youth. They secured gold in the category of 420 in the boy’s team as well as silver in the category of the Nacra 15 of the open multihull category. They also won bronze in the Laser Radial category for boys. The performance for the country as a whole was commendable. The youth regatta was held in Auckland, New Zealand and it is felt that the wins were due to several factors having been done right. For instance, the whole sailing community put in their effort to support the athletes. The Olympic development program helped every athlete to improve their skills. The goal is building a foundation on which the future of the US sailing team lies. Malcolm Page is the new sailing chief of the US Olympic division for sailing. He ensured that the right support was given to the youngsters who prepared for the regatta.

The International podium in 420 saw Jack Parkin and Wiley Rogers is able to defend the championship. They stated that the collaborative efforts of the 420 communities of US helped them stay focused on the win. There was much hard work put in and the youngsters definitely have a long way to go. Also, the learning curve is steep when one wishes to compete successfully in a global event like the youth regatta that sees people competing from all over. It has also given rise to successful sailors who have eventually gone on to win at the Olympics. The open Nacra 15 category was a new addition to the race this year. It was related to the Nacra 17 category that was seen at the Olympics. The American team made a smooth transition to this new group.