Cruise from India to Dhaka through Sunderbans Started Sailing

The cruise line between Kolkata (India) to Dhaka (Bangladesh) has become a reality now. Recently, the cruise started sailing from a city dock.

The Vice President of company Vinit Arora shared news about the same and said,” The name of this vessel RV Bengal Ganga and it from group Exotic Heritage. The vessel will start sailing this morning and it will be on the 10-day trip having 19 passengers taken to Dhaka.”

This cruise is going to follow the protocol of 1530 km on the route between India and Bangladesh. The standard operating procedure pertaining to the passenger movement as well as the movement of cruise vessels on coastal shipping route Inland Waterways is in place by now.

The protocol routes are called maritime navigational routes and this is between two countries via bilateral treaties.

Presently, the same waterway is used by both countries for carrying goods. The RV Bengal Ganga will go Bangladesh crossing three rivers via Hooghly, Brahmaputra and Padma rivers.

It is expected that the cruise will cross the international border on March 31 that is the third day after the formalities of Customs & Immigration from Hemnagar of India, this is the riverine international border on the Indian side of Sundarbans.

The cruise is going to cover the Mongla port, Chandpur and Barisal. All these ports are famous for its Ilish fish before the river enters in Dhaka.

Giving more details about the cruise, Arora said,” As if now, work related to cost and schedule of cruise movement has not been done, and it will be executed based on the response. The 19 passengers presently on the trip are tour operators mostly and some guests.

Vikram Doraiswami, who is the joint secretary in Ministry of External Affairs, said,” This move has been aiming to build up a solid inland waterway route between India and Dhaka.