Brisbane-Gladstone race starts in favorable weather

It has been quite a clean beginning in Moreton Bay for the Brisbane to Gladstone yacht race this year, with thirty yachts taking part in the event. The sixty-seventh annual event began in Moreton Bay off Shorncliffe at 11:00 am (AEST).

People on the boat were a bit philosophical regarding the weather, telling the trick might be to get as far north as fast as possible. The organizers expect that the very first yachts would come into the Gladstone Harbor earlier on Saturday afternoon, with the little boats straggling in on Monday.

A lot of racers theseday are pretty old hands, having graduated from playing on a charter yacht Solent in the Round the Island race, to international events such as Brisbane to Gladstone yacht races. Black Jack, a Queensland racer, guided the pack, and followed by Tasmanian-registered yacht Alive.

Melbourne to Gladstone

There were so much shoving before the start of the race, but the pack was widened. In spite of the forecast, it has been a great weather, with winds of around fifteen knots. Nigel Statham, the race director, told that the winds this morning might favor the bigger boats.

He told a website that specialises in chartering a yacht in Lymington that the weather appeared to be fairly steady up until about Saturday night and as soon as Saturday night comes along, the wind drops right out. What they were expecting to happen is the boats that could get up near Gladstone fastest – and that would be the biggest ones obviously – they stand probably the best scope of taking the title this year.