Governor’s Cup Semi-Finals all Set to Start

Following 4 days of racing, the leaderboard of the fifty-third Governor’s Cup for International Youth Match Racing Championship had finally sorted itself and the matches for semi-final stared. However, it was not without any high drama.

The championship’s double round-robin stage where every team sailed against each other twice had been completed by the middle of the afternoon on 19th of July in the conditions that were typical of Southern California with the southwest breeze at a speed of 6-9 knots.


Cruise from India to Dhaka through Sunderbans Started Sailing

The cruise line between Kolkata (India) to Dhaka (Bangladesh) has become a reality now. Recently, the cruise started sailing from a city dock.

The Vice President of company Vinit Arora shared news about the same and said,” The name of this vessel RV Bengal Ganga and it from group Exotic Heritage. The vessel will start sailing this morning and it will be on the 10-day trip having 19 passengers taken to Dhaka.”

Sail Sydney Saw Traditional Breeze On The Second Day Of Race

The summer sea breeze at Sydney is a normal thing and now it has arrived and impacted the third day of Sail Sydney race which is the three-day long race. The Olympic classes morning session took place in easterly breezes north to the north with the speed of 12-14 knots and the session of the afternoon had 16 knots and it was gusting up to 22 on the course of Nacra 17, out of the north ‘east.

The sailing team of Australia Lisa Darmanin and Jason Waterhouse tore the mainsail of Nacra 17 horizontally on the second-day race to make a fast move to their course area to the Yacht Club Middle Harbor in the boat of coach to retain the spare.

Oman Sail Team Enters Final Phase

The 26-strong fleet has reached the Mediterranean after completing races around the Channel as well as the Atlantic coasts of France. The team is here for 6 days to compete in back to back races which will decide the fate of the event. The Sailing Arabia led by Oman Sail squad Thierry Douillard, Mathieu Richard, Stevie Morrison and Abdurrahman Al Mashari are in 5th position on the leader board possessing 396 points, team Reseau Ixio is in 4th place and Lorina Mojito Golfe du Morbihan in 3rd place. Morrison during his travel to the venue said they are very close to where they want to be and working hard to get to the top. He said they have missed quite a few opportunities due to windy weather conditions and feels that the card is yet to fall in the right direction. However, he is highly positive as there are 6 more days left.

The British Olympian said Ali did an excellent job despite facing an accident as he carried on for around 2 hours to fight for his team. It is quite strenuous for the team to lose their bowmen and as a result Abdul has to sail daily now which is quite stressful for him. Abdul has been training with the team for close to one year and has a crucial role to play to make the team achieve victory.


New Zealand is facing some issues ahead of the next America’s Cup, according to reports. They exploited a loophole ahead of the 2013 edition to better their boat’s performance. Their foiling design breakthrough changed the sport till date.

Ahead of the next Cup, the captain Glenn Ashby says it would be difficult to sail any other thing following the advancementswith the boats. There are reports that the Kiwis would have to compromise if their Challenger of Record tries to force their hand. That would be tricky being the hosts.

New Zealand has done well to win the Cup and get more time in the spotlight. Majority of fans reside far from NZ so there are huge financial implications. With the population in NZ, there would be a big hit to spectator sailing – a thing that has become a norm since 2002/03.

From the $20 million spent in Auckland 2002/03, expenses have reached over $200 million when Valencia hosted and around $100 million when Bermuda hosted. For NZ, it would cost a lot to host the show now, in the buildup and in the Cup year. Now hosting the Cup as defending champs is extra load.

They would need to tour, say Asia and Europeto show off the trophy while making money ahead of the Cup itself. A tour like this would mean big monohulls are out. Rather multihulls would be preferable but it would also depend on racing conditions. The perfect sailing conditions of say 30 knots and waves should help extend the raceshows for more financial rewards. NZ would need to sort out all these issues if they want to successful defend and host the oldest international sailing tournament

Solar Boat Of The Amazon Started Sailing

One can see the solar boat sailing slowly and smoothly along the river Aguarico, one can hardly hear the sound of two electric motors attached to it.

This is the boat that has been launched on the tributary of Amazon last month in Ecuador. The boat is handover to Achuar country, and it has been named Tapia Tapia “The electric Fish”. However, it is not like it has given this name. The name has been given to the boat, because of all reasons.

Inside the boat, there are operational things present in addition to the solar panel. The name has been given to this is Kara Solar. “Kara is the word taken from Achuar which means premonition. Now the dream has become a reality,” This comment came from Milton Calliera, a representative of the community of Achuar in Jivaro.

The first passenger of the boat, come from the Central America or Amazon region, confirmed that there was the need of river transport present in the region. Presently, the transport mediums are there, but all of them are dependent on fossil fuel. (more…)

Nacra 15 New Category At Aon

The Youth Sailing World Championships were recently concluded. It comprised of 13 member team from the US.

They were able to secure three medals at this premier regatta for the youth. They secured gold in the category of 420 in the boy’s team as well as silver in the category of the Nacra 15 of the open multihull category. They also won bronze in the Laser Radial category for boys. The performance for the country as a whole was commendable. The youth regatta was held in Auckland, New Zealand and it is felt that the wins were due to several factors having been done right. For instance, the whole sailing community put in their effort to support the athletes. The Olympic development program helped every athlete to improve their skills. The goal is building a foundation on which the future of the US sailing team lies. Malcolm Page is the new sailing chief of the US Olympic division for sailing. He ensured that the right support was given to the youngsters who prepared for the regatta. (more…)

Southern Yacht Club Success

The southern Yacht club was able to gain top spot in the Resolute Cup of 2016.

The competition had been for the 2016 Resolute Cup. This championship did not last long till the end as the team that participated from Southern Yacht Club dominated the regatta. The final races that were run did not have to be run by this club as they had a dominant position from the very beginning. The team comprised of Andrew Eagan and Marcus along with another member, Jackson Benvenutti. The championship was sponsored by Melges Performance Sailboats, Helly Hansen and Porsche Cars North America.

There were two key honors that the race offered, which consisted of a qualifying spot in the Rolex New York Yacht Club in 2017 and being part of the Silver Fleet. The competitions for these positions were tight to say the least. The Balboa Yacht Club gained second position while the Bay view Yacht Club gained first place in Silver Fleet. For the Southern Yacht Club it was a great win that they could take back home. (more…)