Australians Leading At International WASZP Games

Three days into the International WASZP Games and Australians are looking a tough nut to crack. The event, hosted by the Campione Univela Sailing Club is reaching its peak as far as competition is concerned. The teams are given a tough fight with each other and everyone is enjoying their stint at Campione.

The Day 3 at the WASZP Games had the perfect sailing conditions with the organizing team trying out new racing formats like drag racing and short Sialom Course in the morning. The lighter sailors were able to extract the most out of the light winds as they were the quickest to get onto the foils. The young Swiss sailors Max Wallenberg and Guillaume Rol gave the professionals are real run for their money.

The race 7 of the WASZP games had wind speeds of 15 to 16 knots and this was a two lap race. All the 53 WASZP’s got off to a great start and the leader of the pack Australian Harry Mighell made a good start to quickly take a lead up front. On the lap 1, the other Australian Dean Souter got in front of compatriot Harry and American Reed Baldridge. But, Mighell brought his sailing skills to the fore and in the last downwind went low to get into the inside track. He was closely followed by Baldridge and Souter. It was a neck to neck race to the finish with Mighell piping the other two. Souter was adjudged to win the second place and Baldridge the third.

There is just one more race to take place on the final day of the WASZP. The Australian Mighell has a good lead with 11 points in his kitty. He is closely followed by the American Baldridge with 15 points. Then there is a bit of a gap with Kohei Kajimoto on 27 points.